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Activision Anthology Remix for PC and Mac
Posted Wednesday, January 30, 2008 by Rasty

Activsion Anthology Remix Edition is a commercial Atari 2600 emulator which packages some of the best original Activision games plus my homebrew game Space Treat.

It came out in 2 versions for both PC and Mac.

Old PC Applications
Posted Tuesday, March 08, 2005 by Rasty

I've worked on a number of PC applications in the past, but most of my interesting productions have to be tracked back a few years. So I'm putting them up mostly for the sake of history :)
The DOS-based programs should be functioning fine under DosBox.

So, here they are in a mostly chronological order:

N0kiA Graphics Converter
This little win32 utility allows you to convert NOL<->NLM graphics formats. Very useful if you are a cell maniac and want to customize your Nokia, even more useful if you own a 7110. Can also work as just a browser for your collection of logos.

Matrix GL
After quite some time I picked up 3D graphics again, 'porting' the Matrix Engine to OpenGL.

SubView v0.1
Win9x/NT program to display subtitles on MediaPlayer compatible files (MPG and the likes).

Matrix Engine v0.31
A 3D engine, still in a quite early beta stage. Can load 3DS files with materials (DOS app).

Pong v1.2
A 32-bit recreation of the classic game of Pong (DOS app).

RomHack v0.90
A program to dump old games' roms, so to help emulators coders (DOS app).

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